Jack Grealish and his Aston Villa future

Not many clubs are more dependent on one particular player in the Premier League as much as Aston Villa probably are on a fit and in form Jack Grealish. Not only is the potential English International the club captain, leader and primary attacking force at the club but he is also a huge fan favourite and one many consider the soul of the team.

Grealish tends to play out wide on the wing or can play in the middle of midfield so offers some versatility for the manager. His ability to dribble and pass through players is a joy to behold.

The 2019/2020 season has been a turning point for the 25-year-old who has become a prominent figure not only in Aston Villa but also in the Premier League. Right now, as you all know, the season is halted because of the coronavirus, and it is still unknown whether the top-flight will continue, but one thing is clear – Grealish will be on the radar of top English clubs.


Early years

Jack Grealish in the early years
Grealish was born in 1995 in Birmingham and is of Irish origin. He was 6 years old when he joined the youth ranks of Aston Villa and made professional debut in 2013, at the age of 18. His team was still at the Premier League at that time but was relegated to the Championship in 2016.

Grealish didn’t score many goals during his three-year spell in the championship but many began to realise his ability to be able to dictate the rhythm of the game. Eventually, his hard work prevailed, and the team was promoted to the Premier League in 2019.

Villa supporters from New Zealand

There is a very impressive fact that needs to be mentioned here. It is about New Zealand – a country which is not particularly famous for the love of football. Interestingly a community of Aston Villa supporters in the country is avid fans of Jack Grealish. While casino promotions for New Zealand players is a usual thing for betting/casino websites, they also started to offer some options on Aston Villa and Grealish.

However, it is not only Jack Grealish, who played an important role in the popularity of the club. In 2019 the Birmingham-based club signed a young goalkeeper from New Zealand Jamie Searle, who is playing in the U23 team. He is yet to make a professional appearance, but having a fellow citizen in the world’s most prestigious league is a tremendous experience.

The breakthrough season

As has already been mentioned above this season has been a turning point for Grealish. He scored 7 goals in 26 games and is the team’s top scorer. One cannot argue that Villa is heavily dependent on the English player and it would be very difficult for them to keep Grealish for the next season – at least it looks unrealistic.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Grealish broke the government’s rule to stay at home, and the club fined him. While he is a talented player, Grealish sometimes has problems with discipline which needs to be resolved.

Which teams are favourites to sign Grealish?

Grealish is a target for rival clubs
Jack is a unique player and without question would strengthen any team in the Premier League. However, Villa are not short of money and should they avoid relegation they will be confident of holding onto their star player.

According to recent reports, the main favourite for signing the youngest is Manchester United. With the arrival of Bruno Fernandes, who has already significantly changed the team, Grealish will be another excellent addition.

Manchester City and Pep Guardiola also expressed interest in Grealish, who gained the support from fans once he declared that Kevin De Bruyne is his favourite player. If the team signs him, then Guardiola will most likely let go of someone, with Leroy Sane being the favourite.


The plans for restarting the season still looks obscure. The United Kingdom is one of the worst-affected countries in Europe, but one thing is obvious – Aston Villa will struggle a lot to keep the captain, and Grealish is also looking for new challenges.


By: Dean Davis
Title: Jack Grealish and his Aston Villa future
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