Match Day: Fulham vs. Aston Villa

And we’re back in action at an empty Craven Cottage in a just a few minutes. Three points, please.

While I’ve been waiting for this evening, I’ve been trying to watch as many games as I can and trying to keep up with the rumor mill. Nothing much to report other than if you worry about our pace of play, etc., Wolves showed us yesterday that you can in fact play more slowly with less cutting edge. It was really sort of baffling to observe. Credit to the Hammers, they were all over them. But Wolves looked completely lost.

What does that have to do with Villa? Not much, really.

What do I have for this game? Not much, really. Traoré is on the bench, but don’t expect that to last long. Ramsey, too, which is a good sign. I’m also told we haven’t won our two opening fixtures since John Gregory was in charge. Rather hard to believe, but somehow not. I also keep getting this insistent thought, and it seems to be saying maybe we should sign another winger.

How’s that for insight?


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By: John Clark
Title: Match Day: Fulham vs. Aston Villa
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Published Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2020 16:37:14 +0000