Aston Villa news: Whelan reacts to Mings' bold 'Project Restart' claims


Noel Whelan insisted he is “sick and tired” of the “whinging” coming out of Aston Villa after Tyrone Mings revealed his strong opinion on ‘Project Restart’.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider correspondent Dylan Childs, the former Leeds United striker objected to 27-year-old’s remarks and suggested he “get back to work”.

The Premier League announced last week that the season would resume on 17 June with Aston Villa hosting this season’s surprise package Sheffield United.

However, the news was not music to Villa defender, Tyrone Mings, told the Daily Mail that the plans to restart the season are driven solely by money, rather than sporting integrity.

Whelan pointed out that businesses, football clubs included, have to go on or risk financial ruin and the prospect of going bust in the near future.

“Oh, come on! Everybody wants the football back,” he told Football Insider.

“You came into it as a football playing but you know that it is a business and you are getting paid a lot of money.

“Every business has to go on. Financially it has to go on to stay alive.

“Unless he does not want his 80 grand a week and he wants the business to fold. I suggest you get back to work.

“I hear too much whinging coming out of Aston Villa at the minute and I am sick and tired of it. Get on with your jobs.”

Mings said: “The motives are possibly 100% financially driven rather than integrity driven.

“I am all for playing again because we have no other choice.

“As players, we were the last people to be consulted about Project Restart and that is because of where we fall in football’s order of priority.”

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By: Football Insider speaking to Noel Whelan
Title: Aston Villa news: Whelan reacts to Mings' bold 'Project Restart' claims
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Published Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2020 18:30:42 +0000